12 in1 Outdoor Survival Tool Bag 3 – QSB-003

  • 12 in1 Buckle Survival Tool kit
  • Compass, Thermometer
  • Carabiner, Flint Fire starter, Scraper
  • Fishing line, Hooks, Floats
  • Weights, Knife blade, Cotton, Alcohol Pad, Rope
  • Aluminized foil, Swivels, Eye knife, and wire
12 in1 outdoor survival tool bag 3 qsb-003

The emergency kit has everything people would need if faced with a sudden, whether you are hunting, camping, hiking, biking, fishing or just facing Mother Nature’s wrath. This valuable, lightweight tool can easily be attached to your keychain, belt, backpack or any small loop.


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  • This Tool bag is samll and light ,with a cool appearance can hanging in backpack or belt ,easy to carry out and use
  • Military Grade Paracord ,made of seven inner strands,durable, single rope pulling force is 150kg,Extend length: about 400cm ,can be used as fire tinder, fishing line or sewing string.
  • It contains Compass, Thermometer, Carabiner ,Flint Fire starter, Scraper, Fishing line, Hooks, Floats, Weights, Knife blade, Cotton,Alcohol Pad, Rope, Aluminized foil, swivels,eye knife,and wire
  • Fishing line, Hooks, Floats, Weights is a Fishing suit,can catch fishes
  • Rope, can fasten a camp ,stop bleeding or set an animal trap to get food
  • Flint Fire starter, Scraper  and cotton can make fire easily, get you warm and cook food
  • Aluminized foil can collect water ,keep warm ,keep dry,and also for barbecue
  • Alcohol Pad and Cotton is a medical suit ,can clean the wound
  • Scraper can sew and set fire
  • Carabiner can use for climbing
  • Compass helps finding directions
  • Thermometer gives indication of changes on temperature
  • Model Name: QSB-003
  • Material: Polyester, plastic, iron
  • Size: 25*4.5CM
  • Extend Length: 350cm
  • Weight: 65g/pieace
  • Color: Green, black, orange black, desert camouflage, mountain camouflage, black and white camouflage
  • OPP or palstic bags
  • 500pcs/ctn
  • Carton Size: 50*50*38CM


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